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Scrapbooking: An Old Pastime, Reborn!

The process of scrapbooking--pasting photos and other precious documents into a blank book--has been around for centuries. You may even have one of those yellowed books with their brittle pages lying around your house, an old family heirloom. It's no wonder that scrapbooking remains such a popular practice. It can be a wonderful way of preserving treasured memories and of transmitting them from one generation to the next.

Contrary to what you may believe, scrapbooking isn't simply the arrangement of old photos and worn newspaper articles between the plastic sleeves of a photo album. Modern scrapbooks include innovative design layouts, a flair for creativity and originality, and, in many cases, specific themes that are relevant to the person who's being highlighted in the book, or a particular section of the book.

Yes, there's a real art to the composition of a scrapbook. Many people who are adept in this area offer classes for those who are interested in obtaining the necessary skills to make their scrapbooks. Such classes, or workshops, are offered on a regular basis and are easily found through newspapers, online searches and bulletin board postings. Most communities offer at least one resource for such opportunities.

If classes aren't your cup of tea, there are now scrapbooking kits which are designed to walk you through the process at your own pace. These kits contain covers, pages, layouts and design items which will assist you in putting together your very first scrapbook. This is a
wonderful option for those who are interested in creating such an item for the holidays or some other gift-giving occasion, but aren't necessarily interested enough to seek ongoing instruction.

For high-tech individuals, there are scrapbooking software packages that can be purchased at stores or through online merchants. These CDs contain everything that you would possibly need to create an outstanding scrapbook presentation by designing it on your home computer and then printing it for binding. Others offer the opportunity to set up framing layouts and other tools which can be printed and then hand-finished.

Many scrapbookers enjoy swapping ideas for materials, layout and more. If you, too, like to work in groups, chatting as you glue, cut and create, you may want to look on the internet or ask around town to find out about any weekly or monthly scrapbooking meetings. If there are none, what about starting your own? Sharing creations with a group of interested people can spark your own imagination and push you to greater heights. It is also, of course, a great way to make new friends in a fun, productive and relaxing environment.

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