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Las Vegas Wedding Fashions Turning Red

Las Vegas has been known as a different sort of wedding town particularly for the drive through weddings, but now Las Vegas weddings are starting to be known again for something else.

Brides getting married in Las Vegas are starting to style their wedding dresses after the fabulous Sin City … literally.

Red is the new color for brides to wear while walking down the aisle in Las Vegas. Most brides who choose to wear red are wearing wine red corsets with white, flowing, layered skirts. Some of the skirts even have detailed red on it: red sequins, red jewels, or even red ribbons.

Las Vegas wedding fashions may never be the same. Grooms are already dressing in red to match their brides dresses. But even more shocking is that someone else will be wearing the white?

It is fast becoming a custom in Las Vegas for the brides maids to wear the white while the Las Vegas bride sports the red. Though the brides maids dresses don’t look like wedding dresses, it is exceptional to note that brides definitely stand out with their red wedding dresses.

Many Las Vegas brides have found their red wedding dresses online, but others have had them custom made. Custom wedding dress makers are far from scarce in Las Vegas.

Also surprisingly enough, these custom dresses usually aren’t overpriced and are quite affordable to make a lady in red. Depending on the dress maker, a deep red Las Vegas wedding dress can run between $500 to $2,000.

While Las Vegas brides continue to peruse the Las Vegas strip with their bridal party, they now match the strip a little better, but stand out twice as much.

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